January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel


Audience: Intermediate Categories: Sponsored
Speaker: Jorge Castro
Additional Speakers:

juju Charm School is an event where a juju expert is available to answer questions about writing your own juju charms. The intended audience are people who deploy software and want to contribute charms to the wider devops community to make deploying in the public and private cloud easy. Though not required, we recommend that you have juju installed and configured if you want to get de

Audience: Everyone Categories: ScaleU
Speaker: Carl Caum

This training is ideal for those who want a Puppet jumpstart. Newer members at an organization already using Puppet, or experienced sysadmins wanting to bring Puppet into their team will get everything they need to deploy solutions. This course will be a compressed version of Puppet Labs 3 day course.  Note: This class is part of the SCALE University Program and includes an additional fee. Please remember to select the "SCALE University" addon at registration.

Abe Kazemzadeh
Audience: Everyone Categories: Open Source Software In Education
Speaker: Abe Kazemzadeh

This talk presents experiences from an after-school program's activities with the OLPC project's XO computers at the Foundation for Arts, Mentoring, Leadership, and Innovation (FAMLI L.A. ).  We'll cover how kids and adults learned to use the XOs, usage of XO software, introduction to hardware, projects using the XO, and the usage of XOs in comparison with other computers. (slides)

Aleksey Tsalolikhin mug shot
Audience: Everyone Categories: ScaleU

Based on Tom Limoncelli's life-saving book, this course will cover Tom's Cycle System. These time management tips and practices can greatly increase the efficiency of any single sysadmin, and when applied in a group their effects can be a quantum shift in productivity. They also give the sysadmin practitioner greater peace of mind and more power and control.

Audience: Everyone Categories: ScaleU
Speaker: N. Nadine Miller

Technical Resume Writing covers the high points of overhauling your resume to receive better responses from the HR "gatekeepers" as well as potential IT managers and colleagues.;Note: This class is part of the SCALE University Program and requires an additional fee. Please remember to select the "SCALE University" addon at registration.

Audience: Intermediate Categories: ScaleU
Speaker: Paul Bokor

Sometimes tools like PING and Traceroute aren’t enough to isolate the cause of network problems. This class will take a hands-on approach to learning how to use the Wireshark protocol analyzer to analyze network traffic. Numerous examples will be used throughout the day to walk the attendees though the process of filtering out those packets that are working well and drilling down to those that are at the root of the problem. 

Audience: Intermediate Categories: ScaleU
Speaker: Lee Damon

We will start with a review of the pros and cons of different base operating systems as well as off-the-shelf NAS servers (both hardware and software). We will look at the more popular RAID levels and the impacts of software vs. hardware RAID implementations, data reliability, and rebuild time. We'll spend some time exploring ZFS. Attention will be paid to backups and some of the more common protocols used for accessing data from a NAS server.Note: This class is part of the SCALE University Program and requires an additional fee.

Audience: Intermediate Categories: Kernel
Speaker: Robert Mustacchi

SmartOS is an open source distribution of illumos, currently in production for Joyent's public cloud, where it provides a hypervisor that is secure, flexible and observable. It leverages technologies such as ZFS snapshots and clones for rapid provisioning, KVM and Zones for hardware and OS virtualization, and DTrace to safely understand what's going on inside of guests and the hypervisor. This talk will describe these technologies and their use, including engineering challenges encountered, and discuss opportunities for observing guests such as Linux and Windows.

Audience: Intermediate Categories: Kernel
Speaker: Brendan Gregg

Cloud Computing introduces new challenges for performance analysis, for both customers and operators of the cloud. Apart from monitoring a scaling environment, issues within a system can be complicated when tenants are competing for the same resources, and are invisible to each other. Other factors include rapidly changing production code and wildly unpredictable traffic surges. For performance analysis in the Joyent public cloud, we use a variety of tools including Dynamic Tracing, which allows us to create custom tools and metrics and to explore new concepts.

Audience: Everyone Categories: Cloud and Virtualization
Speaker: David Kavanagh

From the start, Eucalyptus has been installed using a set of instructions that walked the user through various options, from distro to hypervisor to network mode. While there is still value in that for the ultimate flexibility, there are other ways to get Eucalyptus installed. FastStart is one such technology. It uses a set of simplifying assumptions to create a POC installer. For those who want to not only provision Eucalyptus, but handle ongoing configuration management, Puppet and Silvereye can help to take things to the next level.