January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel


Jonathan Thomas, Creator of OpenShot Video Editor
Audience: Everyone Categories: General
Speaker: Jonathan Thomas

Join us in exploring OpenShot Video Editor, and learn how to create your own stunning videos. In this presentation, we will create a short video which tells the story of Steve, a resident of Minecraft, who wakes up to find monsters invading his land. Steve looks for safety in an abandoned cave, and unknowingly stumbles into the real world. As I create this video, you will learn the techniques and tricks to create your own stunning videos with OpenShot. At the end of the presentation, we will watch the final video and upload it to YouTube.

Audience: Intermediate Categories: Developer
Speaker: Alan Kasindorf

Memcached was an original high speed networked key/value store developed by LiveJournal. Over time many new ideas have spring up around the idea of key/value storage: persistence, autoscaling, schemas. The memcached protocol is even used as a side protocol for new versions of MySQL. Recently development has picked up pace, as the project continues to push the envelope for high performance and simplicity. Come hear about the new changes from the project developer also known as Dormando.

Audience: Everyone Categories: General
Speaker: Quim Gil

Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework used by thousands of companies for multiple industries and types of devices, from traditional desktops to mobile and embedded devices. Created by Trolltech in 1992 and acquired by Nokia in 2008, nowadays the Qt Project is run by a non-profit organization open to all contributors. In the past years the use of Qt has increased at all levels, and now the open development setup is allowing the Qt Project to advance wider and faster. http://qt-project.org is the home of this collaborative effort.

Audience: Advanced Categories: Kernel
Speaker: Garrett D'Amore

We will present an overview of the tools and APIs that affect device driver developers, including a sample very simple device driver. We will cover the core DDI, resources to find more information, building the software, the tools to load and test drivers, and some high level debugging strategies.

Audience: Everyone Categories: Mentoring
Speaker: Garrett D'Amore

The illumos project is now over a year old, and has grown at a remarkable rate since we first announced it. We will do a brief review of where we came from, and were we hope to go. We will review some of the challenges we have faced, how we have dealt with them, and also talk more about the challenges that remain.

Audience: Everyone Categories: Youth
Speaker: Mimi Cafiero
Additional Speakers:

A presentation between some friends to share some things we've done with various FOSS programs and what kind of programs we like to use. This is an update to the presentation from 2 years ago.

Audience: Everyone Categories: Open Source Software In Education
Speaker: Caryl Bigenho

Sugar! It just gets sweeter and sweeter! This award-winning open source educational software, originally created for One Laptop Per Child's XO computers, is now available in a new version that runs well on PCs and now, with improved support, on most Intel based Macs. SoaS Pineapple, codename for Sugar on a Stick v.6, includes many of the favorite activities found on the XO laptop. In this session you will receive a DVD copy of SoaS Pineapple, learn how to prepare it for use on your own computer, and explore what you can do with some of the great activities included in the package.

Audience: Everyone Categories: Mentoring
Speaker: Deb Nicholson

It's easy to talk with people who already "get" you, but how do you open the conversation about free software with someone who's never heard of it? This talk is for people who are interested in refining their message and more effectively sharing their excitement about the free software movement.

Audience: Everyone Categories: General
Speaker: Deb Nicholson

This talk goes over the current situation with software patent suits and covers what you can do for the community and your own project and in particular how the Open Invention Network can help.

Audience: Everyone Categories: Developer
Speaker: Tully Foote

ROS (Robot Operating System) provides libraries and tools to help software developers create robot applications. It provides hardware abstraction, device drivers, libraries, visualizers, message-passing, package management, and more. In building ROS we use Linux both as a platform and a model for development. As a platform Linux provides a great development environment and tools in addition to well packaged libraries which are tested and integrated. As a model for development, the open source community built up around Linux is one of the most productive ways to develop.