January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel

On Beyond Zenwalk

Larry Cafiero


From Arch to Zenwalk, there are roughly 320 active Linux and Unix (BSD) distributions, according to Distrowatch. Many of them are standard-issue, production-model distros made for the average user, like Ubuntu or Fedora or OpenSUSE. Others are more specialized and are more "high performance" than your showroom model distro. Looking at what John Cooper did with the Mini back in the 1960s -- making the Mini Cooper -- or what Carroll Shelby did for the Ford Mustang -- making the Cobras -- this presentation takes a look at the lesser-known, albeit higher performance, distros. Bear in mind that like the Shelby Cobra, these distros are not for everyone and you can fasten your seat belts for a fast ride. [Note: This is not a presentation about Zenwalk.]

Presentation Slides: