January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel


Audience: Intermediate Categories: Kernel
Speaker: Tom King

Real-time I/O is important in embedded systems as many of the systems are used for process control. There are two approaches to handling real-time: the Kernel Approach: using RTAI, Xenomi, or PREEMPT_RT and the Hardware Approach: Embedded Micro, FPGA/CPLD (programmable logic). Discussion of pros and cons of both approaches, as well as, current best practices.

Audience: Everyone Categories: Cloud and Virtualization
Speaker: Karsten Wade

This presentation is for anyone who cares about Linux-based KVM virtualization. It is to give a high-level look at the new oVirt project. oVirt was restarted as an open sourcing of the RHEV management platform. The new project is releasing code from a community of interested people and vendors you recognize.

Audience: Everyone Categories: Cloud and Virtualization
Speaker: John Mark Walker

This session will be an introduction to the Open Cloud Initiative, its makeup, and our planned activities. Attendees will learn why we have been formed and what our goals are. The Open Cloud Initiative is patterned after the OSI in structure.

Audience: Everyone Categories: Mentoring
Speaker: Karsten Wade

Learning what it takes to create and grow an open source project is trapped in the brains of many people. This session is going to open the brain of one person who will channel all the experience he has, all that he has learned in open source communities and working for Red Hat, in to taking the audience through how to start and sustain an open source project.

Audience: Everyone Categories: General
Speaker: Robyn Bergeron

"Open" and "Cloud" may be the two of the most overused buzz words in technology today -- and certainly also two words with a vast number of interpretations of meaning. In this session, Robyn (as a Service!) will explore the intersections of these two paradigms, discuss the various layers of Freedom in the cloud atmosphere, and explain *how* and *why* Community Matters Matter in The Cloud.

Audience: Advanced Categories: SysAdmin
Speaker: Jacob Shucart

GlusterFS is an open source, software-only, highly available, scalable, distributed storage system for modern data centers. GlusterFS is one way for public, private and hybrid cloud environments to scale their data storage capacity to hundreds of petabytes, and across multiple geographic locations. Learn how Pandora users GlusterFS to scale out their file serving operation around the globe.

Audience: Intermediate Categories: Cloud and Virtualization
Speaker: Kir Kolyshkin
Additional Speakers:

This talk will début a new loopback device which gives all the advantages of virtual machine images by storing the container in a file while preserving the benefits of sharing significant portions with the host OS. We will compare and contrast the technology with the traditional loopback device and LVM, and describe a few features of a new loopback useful in container snapshotting and live migration. This talk will be technical in nature but should be accessible to people interested in cloud, virtualisation and container technologies.

Audience: Everyone Categories: Kernel
Speaker: Bryan Smith

TI's Pandaboard is a Dual-core Arm Cortex A9 processor with 1GB of DDR2 RAM, making it ideal for a myraid of use scenarios. Pandaboard leverages hardware accelerated 1080p HD video playback, 802.11n Wifi, Bluetooth, and USB OTG all on an OMAP 4 platform. We'll have fun exploring this amazing open hardware platform up close and personal.

Audience: Intermediate Categories: SysAdmin
Speaker: der hans

Want to build some redundancy for your web server? Use nginx as a reverse-proxy for multiple web servers. nginx will cache, provide simple load balancing, and monitor health for your backend web servers. nginx can also rewrite URLs and handle SSL, offloading those tasks from your web server.

Audience: Developer Categories: Developer
Speaker: Matt Harrison

Talk is intended to arm the attendee with enough knowledge to write their own decorator. It will cover the following:

  • Functions
  • Closures
  • Decorators
  • Parameterized Decorators
  • Class Decorators
  • Example Decorators