January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel


Audience: Everyone Categories: General
Speaker: Bradley Kuhn

Since working on his first GPL enforcement effort in 1999 Kuhn has tracked and followed the state of compliance with the GPL and LGPL. Kuhn will survey the types of FLOSS compliance problems that were and are encountered, and how they have changed historically.

Much progress has been made since late 1990s, but widespread adoption of BusyBox/Linux and Android/Linux systems has led to more GPL violations than ever before (counting by sheer volume) particularly in embedded products.

Kuhn will discuss how our community can meet these challenges and improve worldwide compliance.

Audience: Everyone Categories: General
Speaker: Kris Moore

PC-BSD is the most popular BSD-based desktop operating system.  In this talk we will take a look at what makes PC-BSD unique:

  • How it is built from the FreeBSD base operating system
  • The differences between BSD and Linux
  • The PBI package management format
  • Upgrading philosophy
  • Virtualization support with the Warden and "Port Jail"
Audience: Everyone Categories: MySQL
Speaker: David Stokes

MySQL is the database in the LAMP stack and there are many new features to be found in MySQL 5.5 and the MySQL 5.6 previews.From NoSQL access of data to connection pooling, the developers have been very busy to improve the product. This session will cover these new features, how to best take advantage of them, and what you will see in the future. If you run the MySQL database, you need to attend this session to learn how to make your systems faster and your life easier.

Audience: Everyone Categories: SysAdmin
Speaker: Owen DeLong

Back by popular demand, this standing-room only talk is updated from last year and introduces participants to the concepts of IPv6 and shows how they can easily add IPv6 capabilities to their Linux Systems, even if their ISP doesn't yet support IPv6.

This talk covers all the basics including interface configuration, DNS, Web services, Email, etc. A Q&A period at the end will allow participants to get answers to their IPv6 questions.

Audience: Everyone Categories: General
Speaker: Cat Allman

Free and Open Source software may be largely created and maintained by passionate volunteers, but projects still need funds to pay for things like bandwidth, hardware and the all important tee-shirts. Asking for money is hard – and taking it can be a lot more complicated than you might think.

This talk covers the basics of sourcing financial support for your project. Participants in this session should walk out with the information they need to develop at least the outline of a fund-raising plan for your project.