January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel

Brendan Gregg
Lead Performance Engineer
Brendan Gregg is the lead performance engineer at Joyent, and is known worldwide in the field of Solaris performance and DTrace. Brendan created and developed the DTraceToolkit and is the co-author of "Solaris Performance and Tools" and "DTrace", both published by Prentice Hall. He was previously the performance lead for the Sun/Oracle ZFS storage appliance, and a software developer on the Fishworks advanced development team at Sun. He has also worked as a performance consultant and instructor in the APAC region, and has taught performance worldwide including workshops which he has authored. His software achievements include creating the DTrace IP, TCP and UDP providers, the DTrace JavaScript provider, and the ZFS L2ARC. Many of Brendan's DTrace scripts are shipped by default in Mac OS X and Oracle Solaris 11.