A Cloud in Every Home: Host servers at home with 0 sysadmin skills


There are lots of reasons not to want to hand off the the tasks of storing our data and running our services to 3rd party companies: Privacy, ownership, avoiding abusive "monetization", and more.  But for most people, the task of running our own servers is just too time consuming and requires too much specialized knowledge.  So, instead, we compromise.  We put aside our worries, and just use cloud-hosted corporate services, with all the advertising, data-mining and selling, and so on that comes with them.

But what if we could make hosting servers at home cheap, and just as easy as outsourcing it to the cloud?

We will demonstrate a system that does exactly that.  If you can operate a smartphone, you can run your own email, as well as other applications.  Hardware failures can be addressed by simple replacement, without loss of data.

We can even improve security while we're at it.  Especially dangerous parts of an application that accept and parse untrusted input, such as incoming port 25, Spamassassin and Clamav can be isolated in containers that cannot access the full mail spool, and are torn down and rebuilt after every email.  Ports that only authorized users should be able to access, such as IMAP or POP are only exposed via a secure overlay network, not to the entire Internet.  And of course, all data is encrypted both at rest and in flight, and the keys never leave your possession.

Issues around port forwarding incoming connections, and sending email from a residential IP address will be addressed.

Ballroom A
Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 13:30 to 14:30