An intro to repeatable environments with flox


Package management is nothing new, but flox is a new kind of open source package manager. Using flox, you can create multiple overlapping environments that each contain their own set of packages, activation hooks, and variables. Everything is declarative, so you can be sure that your environment will be the same across platforms, projects, and time.

If you’ve ever found yourself saying "but it worked on my machine, you must have the wrong version of libwhatever", flox was built for you.

In this talk, Ross Turk from flox will give an introduction to flox using flox. This terminal-heavy session will walk you through its deceptively simple subcommands and interactions, then give you a bit of a peek under the covers at the power that lies beneath.

Room 211
Saturday, March 16, 2024 - 11:15 to 12:15