Empowering Women in Data: Shaping an Inclusive AI Future


Dive into the indispensable role of diverse voices, particularly women, in steering the course of data and its profound impact on AI. Explore the reciprocal benefits of enhancing women's data skills—both personally and professionally—as data continues to evolve in significance. Navigate through the unique challenges faced by women in tech, including military spouses, women of color, and mothers. Uncover the transformative potential of cloud computing, a gateway for women to enter and thrive in the tech realm, offering accessible training and cost-effective learning options. Emphasize the imperative of a diverse workforce in data to combat bias and construct a fair AI landscape. Recognize how attracting and retaining women in data-centric fields not only shapes our future but also fuels fair, accurate decision-making in the age of AI. The urgency is clear: an inclusive data landscape is key to an equitable AI future.

Ballroom F
Saturday, March 16, 2024 - 11:15 to 12:15