Autumn Nash

Software Development Engineer

With over three years at Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Software Development Engineer, I currently contribute to the Language and Runtimes team, specializing in the development and release of Amazon Corretto (Java) while actively engaging in the OpenJDK community. Prior to this, my role as a NoSQL Solutions Architect involved guiding organizations in selecting purpose-built NoSQL databases, utilizing Python and Java to unblock customers and contribute to educational content. In addition to my technical expertise in solutions engineering, back-end web development, and cloud computing, I am proud to be a mom, bringing a unique perspective to the tech industry. I am also an alumni member of Rewriting the Code, further enriching my commitment to effective communication and education. Serving as the Board Chair of Education at MilSpouse Coders and as a Chapter Leader for the Greater Seattle Area, my advocacy for collaborative learning and community development extends beyond technology.