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Software Engineer
David has been writing software for over 25 years, involved in cloud for over 5. He has a passion for scalable computing and human interface design.
Abe Kazemzadeh
Ph.D. Student
Abe is a grad student who studies computer science at USC. His studies focus on how to process the language that people use to describe emotions. He currently volunteers at FAMLI LA, the foundation...
OpenVZ / Parallels
Kir Kolyshkin was named leader and project manager for the OpenVZ project in 2005 to further the adoption of containers virtualization for Linux. He spearheads the overall development and manages all...
Linux Systems Administrator
Elizabeth is based out of San Francisco and works as a Debian/Ubuntu Systems Administrator for LinuxForce in Philadelphia. She is a member of the Ubuntu Community Council and serves on the board for...
Executive Director
Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc.
Bradley M. Kuhn is President and Executive Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy is a Director of Free Software Foundation (FSF). Kuhn began his work in the Software Freedom Movement as a...
Community Manager
Lars Kurth is community manager for the Xen.org community at Citrix, with the aim to grow, inspire and enthuse the global Xen hypervisor community. Lars is a passionate community manager and open...
MySQL Community Manager
After thirteen years of developing and maintaining high-tech industry web sites, open source technology remains a passion of mine. My experience covers a range of sites including brochure, e-commerce...
MySQL Replication
DevOps Engineer
Pager Duty
James is a DevOps engineer at PagerDuty where he keeps the downtime out of a system that alerts DevOps teams of downtime. James has been keeping the magic smoke inside servers for a variety of...
The most concise & precise programmer on the west coast," is the title often given to Earl Malmrose. After nearly 20 years coding in the game industry, Earl is now doing hardware R&D,...
Technical Marketing Manager
Perforce Software Inc.
Don Marti is Technical Marketing Manager for Perforce Chronicle, the new open-source web content management system. He has written for Linux Weekly News, Linux Journal, and other publications. Don...
Director of Linux Kernel Engineering
Chris Mason is the Director of Linux Kernel Engineering at Oracle and the lead developer of the Btrfs filesystem.
Director of Training
Max joined MySQL in 2001 starting as a Consultant and an Instructor. Max ended up creating the MySQL training program and managing the curriculum under MySQL Ab and later in Sun. Prior to joining...
Nadine Miller currently works as a system administrator focussing on Solaris Java-based enterprise web sites. She keeps her editorial and technical writing skills sharp by working on her team's...
Technical Resume Writing
Jim Mlodgenski
Cirrus Technologies
Jim is the founder of Cirrus Technologies, a services firm specializing in scalable open source database architectures. Prior to Cirrus, Jim was Chief Architect at EnterpriseDB. Over several years,...
Director of PC-BSD Software Development
Kris Moore is the founder and lead developer of the most popular BSD based desktop, PC-BSD. He has authored several unique tools for the desktop, including the PBI package management format, and the...
Introduction to PC-BSD 9
Database Administrator
Pictage Inc
Over 9 years of experience in Software industry, currently working as Database administration at Pictage Inc. Experience working with PostgreSQL, MySQL, Greenplum (Data warehouse), Oracle databases.
Software Engineer
Robert Mustacchi is a Software Engineer at Joyent, where he has primarily worked on the port of the KVM hypervisor to illumos, the illumos kernel, and Cloud Analytics: a real-time DTrace/Node.js-...
Community Outreach Director
Open Invention Network
Deb came to the free software movement via her social justice work to preserve civil liberties and protect free speech. She currently divides her time between Community Outreach for the Open...
Messaging Free Software
Director, Technology Operations
15 years of experience building, scaling, overhauling and rebuilding some large infrastructures at Yahoo, Yellowpages, and now at eHarmony.
Sean OMeara
Technical Evangelist
Sean OMeara is Technical Evangelist at Opscode. He has worked as a Systems Administrator for over 13 years and is an expert in configuration management and infrastructure automation techniques.
Kernel developer
OpenVZ / Parallels
Maxim Patlasov currently works as OpenVZ kernel team developer, specializing in filesystem, storage and cluster technologies. Previously, he had been working on network part of Lustre filesystem....
Akkana Peck
Akkana Peck is a programmer and writer who has been involved with the open source community for over two decades. She has contributed code to Mozilla, GIMP and a variety of other projects. She's...
PostgreSQL Experts, Inc.
Christophe Pettus has been doing PostgreSQL things since 1998. He is a database architect and consultant with PostgreSQL Experts, Inc.
Premier Digital Systems
Started out with an interest in electronics until he discovered programming, wrote code in many languages for a number of clients, did telecom, IVR, networking and finally system admin for the past...
Meet the Cloud
Sr. Systems Administrator
Kyle Rankin is a senior systems administrator; the current president of the North Bay Linux Users' Group; the author of The Official Ubuntu Server Book, Knoppix Hacks, Knoppix Pocket Reference,...
Technical Trainer
One Course Source
Software Engineer
Texas Instruments
Tom Rini is a software engineer in the Sitara™ ARM® microprocessors unit at Texas Instruments(TI) and an active part of TI's open source initiative. Tom has a long history of working in various...
Giving Linux a boot