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Senior Systems Administrator
Director, Open Source
ARM Ltd.
Philippe is Director of Open Source technology at ARM Ltd., working with ARM partners, Open Source community and organizations to support Linux and open source technology on ARM platforms and...
Portrait of Dana Ross
media marketing
Deliberately Happy Marketing
Started in photography as an artist at a young age. Had many shows. Lived and worked in Paris as a Fashion Photographer for over 5 years. Works professionally as a photographer, videographer and...
File Storage Protocols
Nexenta Systems, Inc.
Gordon Ross leads development of system-level software for network file sharing (CIFS/SMB, NFS, etc.) for Nexenta Systems, Inc.
Solutions Architect - Gluster
Red Hat
Jacob Shucart came to Red Hat through its acquisition of Gluster, and has been working as a Solution Architect on his team for a year and a half on scale out NAS for the enterprise. Having touched...
Tacit Labs Inc
Bryan A Smith is a Debian Gnu/Linux and BSD enthusiast, hardware hacker and Systems Engineer. Bryan has used Open Source Operating Systems since the days of Red Hat 5 Hurricane. He contributes to...
Product Manager
Matt Soldo is a product manager at Heroku, where he is responsible for their PostgreSQL database-as-a-service.
Thomas Stocking, COO Gandi US, Inc.
VP of US Operations
Gandi US, Inc
Thomas Stocking is a long-time open source advocate, and has worked with many project leaders to promote the use and community development of free software. In 2004, Thomas co-founded a startup...
MySQL Community Manager
Dave Stokes is a Community Manager for MySQL, traveling widely to promote the most popular Internet database. He lives in Texas, rides motorcycles, has work for a wide variety of institutions that...
Software Engineer
Red Hat
Richard is a software engineer working on applications for the cloud at Red Hat.
Senior Editor
Ruth Suehle is a writer and editor in Brand Communications + Design at Red Hat. Previously an editor for Red Hat Magazine, Ruth now leads discussions about the open source way at opensource.com. Ruth...
Executive Director
Wikiotics Foundation
Ian Sullivan has been working in Free Software since 2003. He currently spends his days working at the Software Freedom Law Center and the rest of his time as the Executive Director of the Wikiotics...
Jonathan Thomas, Creator of OpenShot Video Editor
Creator & Lead Developer
OpenShot Video Editor
I have over 14 years of professional software development experience, and am the creator and lead developer of OpenShot Video Editor. I have worked for many years as both a software architect and...
Software Engineer
Pathway Genomics
Ron has been working with Linux since 2007. As a web developer and sysadmin, he's primarily concerned with making sure dev teams have the right tools to manage multiple projects and multiple...
Getting Started with Git
Aleksey Tsalolikhin mug shot
Senior Systems Administrator
Vertical Sysadmin, Inc.
Aleksey is a UNIX/Linux system administrator with 13 years experience. Wrangling EarthLink's server farms by hand during growth from 1,000 to 5,000,000 users, he developed an abiding interest in...
Director, Cloud Infrastructure
John E. Vincent is a 17-year veteran of the IT industry, an avid blogger, author of the Noah application and primary instigator behind the monitoring sucks movement. He's done everything from...
Panel: Monitoring Sucks!
Sr. Community Architect
Red Hat
Since 2000, Karsten has been teaching and living <a href="http://www.theopensourceway.org/">the open source way</a>, and helps with various community activities in projects Red...
Storage and Cloud Community Guy
Red Hat
John Mark is an experienced veteran of all things open source and a self-described agitprop, agitator and advocate for those who volunteer countless, unpaid hours for a particular project or...
Sage Weil designed Ceph as part of his PhD research in Storage Systems at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Since graduating, he has continued to refine the system with the goal of providing...