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Sr. Director of Engineering
Nexenta Systems
Garrett is the founder of the illumos project -- the community driven fork of OpenSolaris, and Director of Engineering, Platform Software at Nexenta Systems. He's spent the past two decades...
Developing for illumos
University of Washington
Lee Damon has a B.S. in Speech Communication from Oregon State University. He has been a UNIX system administrator since 1985 and has been active in SAGE & LOPSA since their inceptions. He...
NASes for the Masses
Sr. Tools Developer
Prime Radiant
She is COO and founder of Prime Radiant. She’s an experienced developer and program manager. She started her career at Intel, and has worked for government, manufacturing and small businesses. She...
VP, Community
Eucalyptus Systems
Greg DeKoenigsberg is the Vice President of Community at Eucalyptus Systems, the world's leading open source private cloud vendor. He was previously Senior Community Architect for open source...
IPv6 Evangelist and Director of Professional Services
Hurricane Electric
Owen DeLong is an IPv6 Evangelist and Director of Professional Services at Hurricane Electric and a member of the ARIN Advisory Council. Owen brings more than 25 years of industry experience. He is...
Community Architect
Red Hat
Sebastian Dziallas is the travel agent and complex logistics ninja for the Community Architecture Team at Red Hat. On the education side of the house, he coordinates events for the Teaching Open...
Lynn's photo
Technical Sales Consultant
MySQL - Oracle
I've worked with databases in the enterprise for my whole career at MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, and Ingres. I also worked on an open source project called GenMapp (University of California, San...
Systems Engineer
Willow Garage
As a Systems Engineer at Willow Garage, Tully Foote is a core developer of the ROS ecosystem. He works on core tools and libraries. Recently he has been focusing on extending the support of ROS and...
Jim Garrison co-founded Wikiotics with Ian Sullivan in 2008, when they were colleagues together at the Software Freedom Law Center. Jim leads the development of software for Wikiotics and serves as...
Fourth World Media Corporation
Richard Gaskin is President of Fourth World, a software design and development consultancy in Los Angeles. Since founding the company in 1994, he's developed dozens of commercial and open...
Customizing Unity
Qt community manager
Not yet available.
Community Manager
Meghan Gill leads the community marketing efforts at 10gen, the company that develops and supports the open source database MongoDB.
Amber 'akgraner' Graner entered the world of Open Source in 2009, blogging about her experiences.From there she quickly rose to the challenge of editing, reviewing and eventually co-...
Python Developer
Cartwheel Web
Daniel Greenfeld learned Python during his five year tenure at NASA. He is a member of the Python Software Foundation, and works professionally with Python and Django at Cartwheel Web. Working with...
Intro to Python
Lead Performance Engineer
Brendan Gregg is the lead performance engineer at Joyent, and is known worldwide in the field of Solaris performance and DTrace. Brendan created and developed the DTraceToolkit and is the co-author...
Portrait of Nathan Haines
Community Advocate
Nathan Haines is an instructor and a computer technician who has been using Linux since 1994. In addition to occasional programming projects and magazine articles, he is a member of Ubuntu, where he...
der.hans is the founder of ABLEconf and the Free Software Stammtisch. He is also chairman of the Phoenix Linux Users Group, strategic advisor to TEDxPhoenix and an adjunct faculty at Mesa Community...
Software Engineer
I am a developer who has worked with various startups doing storage, business intelligence, open source stack support, search and high availability. I've spoken at OSCON, PyCON and SCALE, and am...
Director of Cloud Computing Community
Mark is the Director, Cloud Computing Community, at Citrix where he is responsible for driving all of the community efforts around the company's open source cloud computing project, CloudStack....
Principal Engineer
As a Principal Engineer at Zenoss, Simon Jakesch has been instrumental with Zenoss' adoption in some of the largest datacenters and cloud providers. He now continues this work as a Community...
Student, Artist, Musician, Pokemon Expert
Katias Lunch
Katia Jenkins-Brown is twelve years old and has been creating art since she could hold a crayon. She displays her art and writing on her personal website, Katias Lunch (http://www.katiaslunch.com/)....
Tux Paint Demo
Alan has been scaling social websites since LiveJournal in 2001, working as sysadmin, developer, DBA, and architect for GaiaOnline, Six Apart, and others. He also acts as maintainer and contributor...
Modern Memcached