Brian Proffitt
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Mentoring

Open source projects have a lot of offer to users, developers, and
community members, but can they add value to businesses?

Andrew Grangaard
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

"The website is too slow!"  A cry for help.  But what exactly does it mean?

I'll walk you through my analysis and debugging of a major (comscore top 30) website -- digging through metrics, emotions, facts, lore opinions, and bad statistics.  And then how I fought to explain and eventually fix the number (If not the real problem).

Keila Banks, Jono Bacon, maddog Hall
Topic: Entertainment

In the 14 years that the Southern California Linux Expo has existed, a lot has changed in the Free & Open Source Community.  We've invited three very distinguished speakers from the SCALE community as well as the FLOSS community at large,  Jon "Maddog" Hall, Jono Bacon and Keila Banks, to reflect on where the community has been, where it currently is, and what the future holds.

Eduardo Silva
Audience: Everyone

On production environments, several applications works together to accomplish it ultimate goal. Monitoring is mandatory, but most of the tools available works on top of the native logs provided by each application, where each one have it own format, querying logs becomes problematic and a consistent pain.

Fluentd is an enterprise open source solution that allows you to build an unified logging layer around your services. It can collect data from more than 300 different source formats and aggregate them back on any database or cloud service

Jonah Horowitz, Albert Tobey
Audience: Advanced
Topic: SysAdmin

What does it take to be a Netflix SRE? With tens of thousands of Linux instances in a distributed system architecture, and thousands of daily production changes, it's an environment that's both challenging and exciting. No two issues are the same! This talk will show you how SREs operate in this environment, and what skills are important for our SREs to have.

Topic: Entertainment

Join us for our annual game night sponsored by Nagios Enterprise, Hack-A-Day, and OpenSUSE Pool?  Check.  Air Hockey?  Check.  Vintage Video Games?  Check. Board Games? Check. Nerf Artillery? Of course!  Join your fellow SCALE attendees for drinks, games, food and fun at SCALE's 6th Annual Game Night on Saturday.

Jorge Castro
Audience: Beginner
Topic: Ubucon

It has begun. Steam Big Picture mode has matured, the controller is shipping, and AAA game makers are now shipping great games for our platform and drivers are getting better. But how do you get started? What pitfalls should you avoid? Is this ready for me or a friend? Come hang out and let's talk gaming! 

Anthony Chow
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Cloud

Contributing to OpenStack is easier than we think. This session will explain the OpenStack contribtion workflow, commit best practice and show how to get started by helping the audience to look for simple bug fix or documentation change as well as to locate the necessary resources and to connecting to the OpenStack community via IRC and/or mailing list.

Carlos Meza
Audience: Beginner
Topic: DevOpsDay LA

Test and behavior driven infrastructure provides a framework to cope with an ever changing environment. TDI allows operations the benefits as TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behavior Driven Development), minimizing risk, building confidence, and maintaining focus. I will look at problems commonly seen in traditional system administration. I will cover configuration management and go over a continuous integration workflow in TDI, including the methodology, components, and stages.

Lucy Wyman
Audience: Everyone
Topic: UpSCALE

Gifs provide us with a way to express emotions online more effectively than static images or text.  They're particularly useful for humor online. In this lightning talk we'll explore several different types of humor, and how gifs can be used to express that.  I hope for this to be a hilarious tour through classic gifs.