Christophe Pettus
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL has the most advanced JSON features of any relational database... but what do you do with them? We'll talk about various ways you can use JSON to make your data life much easier, while still retaining all of the relational functionality in PostgreSQL you have come to know and love.

Mark Shuttleworth
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Keynote

Almost every "smart device" today runs Linux, but if you log on to those boxes you'll find yourself in a prickly and different world, where nothing works quite the way you're used to on your Linux server or desktop. It's Linux, but not as you know it! It's that way because devices need a completely different approach to software and management at scale. But perhaps we can change that - perhaps we can bring the friendly and familiar Linux you use every day to the tiniest devices, so that the whole free software community can participate in this next wave of invention and revolution.

Richard Mortier
Topic: Sponsored

The lightweight and secure nature of Unikernels means that a prime use-case is to customise network behaviour. At the same time, the high-level languages that many are written in means that this sort of low-level coding is opened up to those who might not traditionally consider themselves "systems developers". MirageOS is a particular unikernel platform built in the OCaml functional programming language.

Jason Brooks
Audience: Intermediate

Google is said to run everything, including the VMs it rents out as part of its IaaS service, in containers -- why not try a similar strategy for my own test lab? In this presentation, I'll talk about the lessons I've learned while adapting my hyperconverged oVirt virtualization and Gluster storage test lab to Kubernetes and Docker, including discussion of the limitations and benefits inherent to running these sorts of infrastructure projects in a containerized environment, and a look at upcoming features and capabilities to keep an eye on in this space.

Scarlett Clark
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Ubucon

A day in the life of being a Kubuntu Developer. I will describe our current workflow in packaging KDE in a CI environment, moving to debian git to increase collaboration with packaging the massive KDE package set.

Amit Shah
Audience: Everyone

When users run a KVM virtual machine, they see a seamless experience of a guest OS running on top of the host Linux OS. 

Sujeevan Vijayakumaran
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Ubucon

Education is an important topic for everybody and a working computer is a key part to gain access to the internet, to ebooks, education games and office suites. Many students in developing countries do not have access to computers and on the other side there are many old used computers and laptops which are still working but not used anymore. Labdoo is an organisation which collects those laptops, fixes minor issues, installs Lubuntu and other free software and volunteers will bring those to schools in developing countries.

Topic: BoFs

Come say hello to other members of Learn to Code LA! ( I know that for many of us, this is our first tech conference! So let's have an informal get-together, chat about what we've learned at SCaLE, and then go out for some food!

Victor Gajendran
Audience: Everyone
Topic: New to SCALE


While innovative business strategies and initial technology breakthroughs brought Ticketmaster to where it is now, its technical operations were totally outdated until last year. Obviously, the much discussed DevOps model was “declared” but the journey has been filled with missteps. This talk covers all the key lessons learned during this journey. More than a talk, I’d call this a knowledge sharing session that aims to help other companies - big and small - to avoid those mistakes that we did trying to implement a DevOps model.

Robinson Tryon
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

Which would you rather choose: Software Freedom, or Modern Features in your office suite such as online editing and real-time collaboration?

What if you didn't have to choose?

LibreOffice would like you to have your cake and eat it too! Building upon the success and features of our desktop and mobile versions, we've made LibreOffice Online (LOOL) run in the cloud and work in your browser. Come hear how we did it, how you can help us improve LOOL, and the unique features that only LOOL can offer.