The Southern California Linux Expo is once again providing those who want to start using Linux an opportunity to learn how.  SCALE will provide an Installfest + basic system administration class on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016.

The Southern California Linux Expo is once again providing those who want to start using Linux an opportunity to learn how.  SCALE will provide an Installfest + basic system administration class on Sunday January 24th.

Merlin Friesen
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Embedded

Powerful mobile System on Chip (SoC) devices with multiple ARM cores and all
the peripherals you can imagine are now more readily available for non mobile
applications and are finding use in areas such as robotics and vision

The Nvidia Jetson platform is used in this presentation to give developers
an overview of SoC power management and techniques they can use in their
software to monitor and improve power consumption.

Ilya Kosmodemiansky
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: PostgreSQL

<p>Linux operating system has lots of tuning options which can change performance of your PostgreSQL installation drastically. For PostgreSQL, obviously, most important are storage-related options like vm.dirty*, IO elevators or filesystem mount options, but there are many more of them: CPU scheduler options, NUMA settings, or even power saving policy.</p>
<p>The goal of this talk is to explain to DBAs and engineers how to use all this settings in order to match hardware configuration and PostgreSQL workload.</p>

Bruno Terkaly
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Cloud

The future of Linux workloads and open source running and Azure has never been brighter. Azure is the fastest growing public cloud in the world today, with more data centers than Amazon and Google combined. No other public cloud vendor run Linux 32 core Xeon machines with 450 GB of RAM, 6.5 terabytes of local SSD storage. Linux on Azure supports all the popular IT workloads, such as Java, Oracle, Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, MySQL, PostGres, Machine Learning, WordPress, PHP, Python, Docker, Mesosphere – and more.

VIbhor Kumar
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: PostgreSQL

Security advances in PostgreSQL have given users a range of new methods for data encryption. Varied end user authentications and greater precision in defining data for encryption are examples. This session will explore the kind of encryption now available in PostgreSQL and provide tutorials on how to deploy and utilize these new powers. 

Katrina Hayes
Audience: Developer
Topic: General

In this talk I will walk through two examples of particularly insidious bugs on legacy systems that I encountered in a previous life as an independent contractor. As these were poorly-understood but critical systems at companies with stretched resources, they were simply trusted to remain running, bugs handled with workarounds.

As the Internet comes of age, more and more of these neglected legacy systems remain online - it is key now more than ever to dig into code and carefully add new logging points to turn potential ticking time-bombs into well-polished, reliable assets.

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and the BSD Certification Group will be offering certification exams at SCALE 14x. Pre-registration for these exams is required.

Topic: ScaleU

his four-hour intensive training session will highlight key topics of the LPIC-2 exams. Attendees will discover which areas to focus on when preparing for the LPIC-2 exams. Typically complete coverage of all of the LPIC-2 topics require a 2-week course. The goal of this intensive training is to focus on the more difficult exam topics to jump start candidates efforts to successfully pass the LPIC-2 exams.

Andrew Shafer
Topic: DevOpsDay LA

I will build a great silo - and nobody builds silos better than me, believe me - and I'll build them inexpensively. I will build a great, great silo in our southern cubicles and I will make QA and Security pay for that silo. Mark my words.