Imran Shaikh
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Security

How to put application secrets/credentials securely into the image has baffled quite a few industry experts. The solutions that people employ are insecure, static and not scalable.  There aren’t any ways to securely pass the secrets to the container during runtime. We, at YP, have developed a solution that lets you pass secrets to the docker containers orchestrated and managed through Apache Mesos.

Yolanda Kol
Audience: Everyone

The rapid advancements of new technologies have positive implications for teaching and learning with access to extensive information, platforms for communication & collaboration, and tools for critical thinking & creativity. This is a talk on how Tinkercad, an open source 3D CAD tool, can be used to explore and visualize real-world concepts to improve student achievement in K-12 education. She will discuss her latest research in educational technology and the need to provide relevant transformative learning experiences in preparation for college and career.

Tom King
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Embedded

This session will serve up as a wrap-up for the Embedded track on Friday.

Julie Gunderson
Audience: Everyone
Topic: UpSCALE

Words define and shape out view of the world and how we internalize our worth. Let's embrace our unique attributes and abilities, and embrace our internal princess. DevOps Princess signifies the ability to own one's future, to be proud of the skills and talent we bring to the table, and to be confident in inspiring others to believe in themselves.

Topic: GLADCamp

Bitch Media has made a strategic decision to suplement their quarterly print publication, Bitch Magazine, with on-line content. They approached Congruity Works to complete a Drupal 6 to 7 upgrade and better integrate their websites with Salesforce. This is a path that many print publications are exploring and Drupal offers a wide variety of tools to move site visitors into deeper engagement with your organization or business so they become donors, customers and ambassadors for your brand. We'll be using Bitch Media as a case study to explore some of these tools more deeply.

Michael Hrivnak
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: SysAdmin

Pulp enables you to manage repositories of software packaged in many different formats, using one set of tools. Manage RPMs, Debian packages, Puppet modules, Docker images, Atomic Trees, Python packages, and more with the same technology currently used by the largest and smallest of organizations.

You will learn:

How to create local mirrors of remote content

How to create a pull-through cache of rpms

How to promote changes from a testing environment to production

How to integrate with pulp’s REST API and notification system for custom workflows

Justin Mayer
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Security

Heartbleed, Shellshock, POODLE, GHOST, FREAK… With severe security vulnerabilities on the rise, how can we ensure our systems are protected? Unattended package upgrades can help, but only if they are properly set up and monitored. File system encryption via LUKS or EncFS can reduce the risk of a sensitive data breach, and automated TLS certificate provisioning, replete with STS and OCSP, protects the security of our web communications. This talk covers these and other essential Linux security topics in a practical manner that can be put to use immediately.

Brandon Philips
Audience: Intermediate

etcd is an open source distributed consistent key-value store that was introduced by the team at CoreOS. This talk will explore what etcd is, how it works, why it is used, how a cluster is maintained and some best practices.

Josh Berkus
Audience: Beginner
Topic: PostgreSQL

Do you have slow queries, but you're not sure why? EXPLAIN is a powerful tool to see what's going on when you execute a PostgreSQL query. It provides such dense information, though, that it's barely comprehensible. But don't dispair! In an hour, you can learn enough to start figuring out what those explain plans mean.

John Hawley
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Mentoring

Open Source Software and Hardware is filled with situations
where things have gone horribly wrong, and usually in ways that
(at least in retrospect) are rather amusing. Getting things
right on the first try is hard, and we should be aiming to fail
faster, and we should be celebrating those failures, instead of
dreading them. Taking risks, and exploring new avenues either
personally or in bigger projects is where the real fun is, and
as Thomas Edison said "I have not failed. I've just found
10,000 ways that won't work."