Marcia Wilbur

Technical Writer
Gnu Essentials

Marcia Wilbur is a developer, maker, author and advocate in the FOSS space. In 2018, she created the raspberry pi image for Kids on Computers used in Mexico for a new lab. The image was also created for desktop. She is a Debian dev and was lead Deb dev for Linux respin, a backup utility and distro customization tool.

While consulting at Intel, she developed the IEI AIOT Tank prototype, with demos. She wrote IOT tutorials and articles using Raspberry Pi with accelerators and had a blog in the Intel Developer Zone about writing: FOSS Content Creator.
She built the prototype for Intel's DevCloud in 2019 and worked on various projects in the retail space: RFID, Kiosks, Displays
In 2022 she hosted the AIOT Village at 2600's HOPE conference.
She is a hobbyist, enthusiast and recreational Machine Learning mechanic.