Khai Pham

Founder & CEO

In AI for 30y, Khai Pham, MD & PhD (AI), works on unifying AI (Machine Learning, Reasoning AI, and Distributed Multi-Agent AI). A leading expert in Distributed AI, he was the founder & CEO of DataMind, a fintech AI using his 1st AI system (renamed RightPoint, acq. for US$637M). At, he introduces the Generative Distributed Reasoning AI. It is based on reasoning and not machine learning and generates reasoning models and not texts, images, or videos. For drug R&D, it generates sophisticated Digital Cell Clones allowing Human Cell Safety/Efficacy/Specificity Simulations before preclinical testing. The exec. team was involved in $10+B exits. He is also a founding board member of (non-profit AI Lab Democratizing AI). MD and PhD in AI (Magna Cum Laude at Sorbonne University). Published papers, got international grants, taught AI at LISH-CNRS, awarded from BP, was EIR/Mentor at CONNECT, talked as keynote and guest lecturer at Dresden International University.