Where Does the Linux Desktop Go from Here?


It's no lie that the Linux desktop has been changing greatly. Through technological and social shifts, the desktop and community we know today is a far cry from what it was ten years ago. Additionally, the users and contributors entering the space are younger, more diverse, and more open-minded than ever before. This panel is a discussion between a diverse set of stakeholders, from the big and old to the small and new. We’ll discuss pressing issues in the ecosystem, what our outlook and focus should be directed forwards, and much more.


Our primary topics and goals are to discuss:

-       Application Ecosystem

-       Accessibility

-       Sustainability & Funding

-       Outreach & Growth

-       Distros

-       Standardization

-       Community


We hope our panel can demonstrate an insider’s perspective to the exciting future of the Linux desktop, get outsiders (technical and non-technical) involved, discuss pressing issues between representatives of different communities, and share our thoughts on how we can make the year of the Linux desktop finally happen.

Ballroom C
Saturday, March 16, 2024 - 14:30 to 15:30