What the Heck Is Godot and What Have I Been Missing Out On?


What the heck is Godot? Like games? Think of making them? Then this is for you. Although newer that Unity and Unreal, it is much more enjoyable to work with and improving rapidly. Most importantly it is *free* not just as in no money, but with all the freedoms of true Open Source.

This past year there was much drama in the game development world, which this presentation will touch on, but the bottom line is that there were proposed changes that could cost developers big money even for past releases. Since Godot is Open Source, that just can't happen there. Also, by its mere presence Godot might have helped with the resolution to that, but come to learn a few more details (and the D&D comparison, and even The Lone Ranger)...

This presentation will give an overview of the game creation field and where Godot fits into it. Also how much like Blender rose to prominence in the 3D animation world, Godot is poised to make a bigger splash in the gaming world. How this can help you will be touched on if you are a total newbie or even an experienced industry developer.

We'll be covering some of the capabilities of Godot and taking a look at some of the amazing results people have created with it. Just being exposed to some of the different possibilities can be very inspiring and might even hit a few moments of 'wow, I could do that?' to being fresh insights and potential applications.

Finally we'll wind up with a quick tour of some of the features of the development environment itself, and how to get started with the tutorials (and maybe be amused at how even the tutorials addressed my snarky long-time-coder thoughts). And I'll probably show a few of my quick experiments, even though they are quite embarrassing. Just getting a few pointers on how to get moving might be enough for you to be able to get off the sidelines and start having fun creating your own things to play in.

Room 105
Saturday, March 16, 2024 - 11:15 to 12:15