Stop using kubectl, and use Git instead! - Hands-on GitOps workshop using Argo CD and Helm


Kubernetes is a declarative-first platform where manifests written in YAML describe what resources should exist in the cluster and on the nodes. Yet many new users will use imperative processes, running `kubectl apply` either manually or through CI, to define and change the state of their cluster. This approach is known as the “push” model, and while it works initially, it does not scale as more users adopt the platform. Without a shared understanding of the desired state, it’s impossible for teams to collaborate and make changes safely.


A new dynamic must be set to solve these challenges. Actors outside of the cluster should not be able to make changes directly. Instead, changes should be made collaboratively to the desired state stored in Git. Then, the live state of the cluster is continuously reconciled by controllers running inside the cluster, to match the new desired state. GitOps practices provide a declarative approach to defining and managing the state of Kubernetes. 


During this workshop, attendees will get hands-on experience using Argo CD to declaratively manage the deployment of Helm charts to Kubernetes clusters following GitOps practices.


Ballroom A
Thursday, March 14, 2024 - 14:00 to 17:00