Shift Left Fast: A Deployable Python App in 10 Minutes


Can implementing Shift Left strategies be fast? The answer is a resounding YES if they are implemented at the beginning of development projects! In this lightning talk we'll quickly review some basics of what comprises a shift left strategy (DevSecOps), a shorthand explanation of why it's important (fail fast) and how to put it in practice by using an OSS GitHub-based application template. This talk will use the Python Starter Kit from NASA JPL's SLIM project to create a templatized Python 3 application in a short 10 minutes. You'll see a documentation-rich application running various best-practice tests, utilizing GitHub Actions as CI, and publishing itself as a distributable module at PyPi (Python Package Index) in real time. Join us for a rapid foray into the world of templatized Shift Left.

Ballroom DE
Friday, March 15, 2024 - 13:45 to 14:00