Project Caua: Students Creating their own businesses


In many countries around the world state and federal universities are tuition free for qualified students, but often many students can not take advantage of this because their families are too poor for the additional fees for room, board, computers, books, transportation, Internet and many of the other costs of schooling.

Project Caua shows computer savvy students how to use their skills to sell and support FOSS projects on Open Hardware to small business owners while working only part time while attending high school or university.

Many of these students have been providing these "services" for their family and neighborhoods from an early age, yet they have not mastered the legal and business ways of formulating them as a business.   Project Caua makes this very easy for them, as well as providing standard open products for students to sell and support for customers.

In addition, all the money that the students earn will go into their pockets.  There will not be any large organization having millions of students.   Instead there will be millions of small companies owned by one or two students.

Room 103
Sunday, March 17, 2024 - 14:00 to 15:00