Pipelines: Everything Everywhere All At Once


When we talk about CI/CD, we often think of it as an end to end, linear, process. However, with modern cloud native computing, this ceases to be the case. The reality is your pipelines are hyperdimensional with many branches that can also have it’s own hyperdimension as well. This becomes a problem when dealing with GitOps workflows. 
In the pursuit of ever-faster and more-frictionless application delivery, GitOps excels at continuous delivery to single environments. Yet leading, open-source GitOps platforms offer little to accommodate modern deployment pipelines that span many stages, regions, and clouds, and may involve lengthy verification processes. These missing features often force GitOps practitioners to inappropriately fall back on CI platforms and bespoke automation, resulting in complex and fragile deployment pipelines.
This talk will zero in on an alternative: patterns that address these challenges while remaining true to established GitOps principles – and an emerging open-source implementation of those patterns. Kargo promises to address these challenges in a declarative fashion while complementing GitOps practitioners’ current crop of favorite tools, such as Kustomize, Helm, Argo CD, and Flux.

Ballroom B
Friday, March 15, 2024 - 11:15 to 12:15