Layering Up: Composable environments with flox


Sebastian has just entered the cold, cut-throat world of early stage startups, and you know what you do when you're cold? You layer up. In this talk we'll follow Sebastian as he's thrown from project to project at FurFinder, an AI-powered social media app for cats. As Sebastian works on different projects we'll see how he's able to instantly use development environments provided by each team and layer them on top of each other like cozy software sweaters.

We'll see how flox leverages Nix to provide reproducible environments, so Sebastian knows that if an environment builds for him, it also builds for his sleep deprived coworkers. We'll also see how transactional updates and history tracking allow Sebastian to save the day and roll back to a previous environment version when a coworker YOLOs too hard and force pushes to master. Finally, we'll see how Sebastian can still use all of his favorite tools and his artisanally handcrafted dotfiles since he's not working inside of a container.

Ballroom A
Saturday, March 16, 2024 - 11:15 to 12:15