How to Ride Elephants Safely


This conference presentation caters to individuals occasionally thrust into the role of a database administrator, particularly when application performance is at stake due to database intricacies. Geared towards non-DBAs, the talk provides a comprehensive overview of the world's most powerful open-source database, PostgreSQL, offering insights into its functionalities and the array of tools available for those unexpectedly steering the DBA ship.

The content revolves around key areas essential for non-DBAs finding themselves in the DBA pilot's seat:

- Query Tuning: Unpacking the nuances of query performance, this section equips attendees with strategies to enhance application speed and efficiency. Practical tips for optimizing queries in PostgreSQL will be explored, empowering non-DBAs to navigate this critical aspect of database management.

- Monitoring: Delving into the realm of monitoring, the presentation sheds light on tools and features that aid in keeping a vigilant eye on database performance. Attendees will gain insights into monitoring techniques, allowing them to identify and address potential issues proactively.

- Indexing: Understanding the importance of indexing in a database is crucial for effective data retrieval. The talk covers the basics of indexing in PostgreSQL, offering non-DBAs a practical understanding of how to leverage this feature for improved application performance.

- Configurables Overview: Providing a basic run-down of configurable options, the presentation ensures that non-DBAs are aware of the available choices to tailor PostgreSQL to specific needs. This includes an exploration of key configuration parameters and their impact on database behavior.

The overarching goal is to demystify PostgreSQL for non-DBAs, enabling them to navigate common challenges associated with database administration. By the end of the session, attendees will have gained valuable insights into query tuning, monitoring best practices, indexing essentials, and a fundamental understanding of PostgreSQL configurables. This knowledge equips non-DBAs with the tools they need to confidently manage and optimize PostgreSQL databases when the unexpected DBA responsibilities arise.

Ballroom H
Thursday, March 14, 2024 - 12:30 to 13:30