From DevSecOps to DevSecAI: A Technological Odyssey


Session Detail


In our age of rapid technological development, the synergy between software deployment operations, security, and artificial intelligence has become more pivotal than ever. My session delves into "DevSecAI", which heralds the next leap in the evolution of DevSecOps.


First, we will explore the foundational understanding of DevSecAI, illuminating the harmonization between developer operations, security, and AI. This will involve a comprehensive look into how AI augments the software development lifecycle, ensuring swift deliveries without compromising on security.


The newness of our exploration lies in how DevSecAI doesn’t just change our practices but also shifts our perspective. The realm of DevOps has been transformed by AI algorithms that save developers time by anticipating and rectifying potential issues. This isn't just a technical advance but a strategic shift. Organizations aren't just coding faster but also thinking, innovating, and acting more dynamically.


During the session, I'll showcase StreamDockerAI, a StreamDeploy dockerfile generation tool. This demo will give participants a firsthand look at the concrete application of DevSecAI principles in real-world tools. StreamDockerAI exemplifies how AI can instantaneously recognize bottlenecks in deployment, automate tasks, and streamline the software development process, resulting in a smoother transition from development to production. This isn’t merely a tool—it's a glimpse into the future of DevSecOps.


Attendees will leave with:


A clear understanding of the DevSecAI framework and its significance in modern software deployment.

Insights on how AI-driven tools, like StreamDockerAI, can revolutionize software delivery processes, saving developer time, and enhancing security measures.

Motivation to rethink and restructure their current DevOps processes with an emphasis on AI integration for heightened security and efficiency.


In essence, my session underscores the Art of Possible. In a world where we strive to combine speed, efficiency, and security, DevSecAI is not just a method—it's a mindset. Attendees will be inspired to transcend conventional boundaries and approach DevSecOps with renewed vision and vigor. I bring with me a rich blend of expertise in AI and DevSecOps, ensuring a session that is as enlightening as it is actionable.


Ballroom DE
Friday, March 15, 2024 - 15:15 to 15:30