A decade of open source multi factor authentication


Open Source software often solves problems of developers. Scratch your own itch!

But not in this case. It began in 2006 with a couple of Linux administrators and consultants.

They did not have the problem to manage thousands of hardware HOTP tokens. 

Well not directly. Customers did. With the new RFC4226 which defined an standard, open, non-proprietary way to calculate one time passwords, customers also wanted to use an open management system to manage large numbers of hardware OTP tokens.

Challenge accepted! And we started working on an open source MFA authentication and management system.

In 2014 we forked, redesigned and newly branded the project as "privacyIDEA", to enable companies and organizations to keep their identities for authentication, authorization and audit private, under their control on premises.


privacyIDEA is truely open source - noone knows who is running it somewhere in the world. At the same time the core developers run a profitable company without any venture capital to provide services and support for customers world wide.


This proves: Open Source MFA works. It works reliably. And users and customers can trust in open source MFA.


During this talk we will take you through the questions

  • What is privacyIDEA?
  • How did privacyIDEA develop?
  • Where is it going to and which problems can you solve using privacyIDEA now and in the future?

If you want to take a peek beforhand visit the youtube channel or the repository at github.

Room 101
Saturday, March 16, 2024 - 15:45 to 16:45