The AI Accelerated Personalized Computing Revolution


We have had a front row seat as computing has evolved over the last 3 decades – from the desktop PCs to laptop PCs, from tablets to smartphones, and from single-function devices to a plethora of smart devices and wearables. With AI going pervasive on a global scale, we are at the cusp of the next personalized computing revolution – where use cases will truly be optimized for 1:1 experiences. The personal assistant will know who you are, the recommendations will be based on personal context, the personality of the UX will adopt to your likes and dislikes, and the form factors will adapt to your lifestyle. This AI Accelerated Personalized Computing Revolution will be bigger and bolder than anything we have seen in the past with the Internet, Mobile, and Cloud and will transform how we work, play, connect, live, and share. In this keynote, Pankaj Kedia will share his vision for this impending revolution and challenge the audience to solve potential issues in realizing this vision.

Room 212
Thursday, March 14, 2024 - 12:30 to 12:45