Nova King
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

I will describe and briefly demonstrate open source programs in all the major areas of multi-media editing and producing. Many FOSS programs work just as well as, or better than, their closed source counterparts. I will give links to the important resources, as well as provide search terms to help media editors find the help they need. I will also discuss and demonstrate how to extend these programs beyond their original capabilities.

Andy Chan
Audience: Everyone

As Ticketmaster begins its journey into the public cloud, we have created a comprehensive toolkit to help our 150+ development teams to self-migrate. In order to remove the friction often encountered with such massive migrations, the Cloud Enablement Team (CET) has found a way to simplify our software factory.

By utilizing Docker along with a combination of open source projects and internally developed toolsets, Ticketmaster has been able to remove the friction between Developers and the new infrastructure.

Zhou Zhou

The Wikimedia Foundation, which hosts Wikipedia and its sister projects, envisions a world where anyone can share in the sum of human knowledge. To support this vision, the Foundation built inclusivity, internationalism, and diversity into its stated values. This talk will discuss Wikimedia's various efforts, including those of the legal team, to support diversity within the organization, among its community, and at its events around the world.

Justin Mayer
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Security

From banking to medical care, some of the world’s most sensitive interactions occur via the Web. At the same time, security vulnerabilities and user data breaches have increased at an alarming rate. Software developers have risen to the occasion, resulting in automated TLS certificate provisioning, content security policy, forward secrecy, and a host of other web security enhancements. Attendees will walk away from this talk with a comprehensive understanding of current web security initiatives, as well as a growing number of indispensable FOSS web security tools.

der hans
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: SysAdmin

etckeeper tracks changes in /etc/ with version control. It ties into package management systems for automagic checkins after updates. It also records important metadata such as permissions and ownership that version control systems (VCS) usually do not track.

Use the VCS you know and let etckeeper help you with some of the oddities found in /etc/.

An imporatant feature is detecting inadvertant changes or tracking what someone (maybe even you) did late at night or early in the morning. By tracking changes, you can document them, replicate them elsewhere or even back them out.

Ty Shipman
Audience: Everyone
Topic: DevOpsDay LA

Lets face it; most companies don't have 20 person IT/DevOps teams (We are all hiring...). So as an IT/DevOps person you wear many hats, that is why you are a DevOps person. But did you know those same skills can make you a PEN tester. You say you don't have the time to learn PEN testing -- so do you have the time to deal with the aftermath of a simple script kiddy hack? I am not going to teach you PEN testing, but I am going to lay out the reasoning why every IT and DevOps person should have some PEN testing skills.

Perry Rivera
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

This introductory workshop looks at some of the key changes integrating into the Fedora 25 Linux distribution.

Christian Hergert
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

Flatpak is a new distribution-agnostic platform for shipping software to Linux desktops. It builds upon the robust OSTree for safe, atomic updates to your system that are guaranteed to succeed as a whole, or leave your system unaffected. Additionally, Flatpak provides robust deduplication of content so that application updates are fast. Users gain trust in knowing their applications are sandboxed. For developers, Flatpak provides industry leading developer tooling to get us closer than ever to reproducible builds. We'll discuss implementation, sandboxing, Wayland, and more!

Jim Klein
Audience: Everyone

Looking for something more than Chromebooks for your students/school, but don't know where to begin? Discover the impact of deploying free software at scale, with a student-centered, open source philosophy toward learning. Plenty of examples of students taking the lead will be shared - from student driven software and support teams, to deep coding and robotics programs, to broad, student-led, entrepreneurial programs designed to make a difference within the community, nation, and world.

Richard Fontana, Justin Colannino

Team up and test your legal ethics chops against your free software friends, foes, and colleagues! Free software ethics "experts" Richard Fontana and Justin Colannino will present puzzling ethics hypotheticals and award points to groups for "correct" answers, followed by group discussion/debate on the issues. Winning group to walk away with fun and exciting* prizes. *Prizes not guaranteed to be fun or exciting