AJ Bahnken
Audience: Developer
Topic: PostgreSQL

This talk will start with an overview of Go, then dive into some examples of using it to work with Postgres. We'll show basics like running queries, then demonstrate how Go makes difficult things easy, such as inspecting Postgres's TCP wire protocol and providing retry mechanisms and monitoring for restores (including fun stories, tips and tricks).

Join us and see why Go - with it's powerful concurrency primitives and unbeatable performance - can be one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox.

Kiyor Cai
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: DevOpsDay LA

This talk will introduce how to use gossip protocol to manage a fast deployment system at CDN scale.

Matt Porter
Audience: Developer
Topic: Embedded

The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) bus is a ubiquitous de facto standard found in many embedded systems produced today. The Linux kernel has long supported this bus via a comprehensive framework which supports both SPI master and slave devices. The session will explore the abstractions the framework provides to expose this hardware to both kernel and userspace clients. In addition, we will discuss subtle features of the SPI subsystem that may be used to satisfy hardware and performance requirements in an embedded Linux system.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi
Audience: Developer

Creating a growing open source project can be both rewarding and frustrating. If you're fortunate, you might be employed to work full-time on your project or even start a company around it; then what? What is your new relationship "with the community?" How do you balance the motivations of various contributors, yourself included, within the project? 

In this talk we'll look at the history of the Jenkins project, what has & hasn't worked well as CloudBees has grown in tandem with the Jenkins project, the evolving cultural dynamics, and the challenges.


John Roman
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Security

PGP has been around for more than a decade. in this talk we will explore more advanced concepts such as HSM, subkeys, revocation, key length considerations, and a PIV style implementation of OpenPGP.

Federico Lucifredi
Audience: Advanced
Topic: General

This is a live demonstration of hacking into the processor embedded in an SD card, effectively turning the device into a potentially covert Raspberry Pi-class computer under your complete control and clocking in at an impressive 426 BogoMIPS - We can't possibly leave that territory unexplored, can we?

Thomas Cameron
Audience: Everyone
Topic: SysAdmin

Red Hat's Thomas Cameron will demonstrate the setup and configuration of a high availability application cluster with shared filesystem.

David vonThenen
Audience: Intermediate

Persistent applications can be complex to manage and operate at scale, but tend to be perfect for modern schedulers such as Apache Mesos, Kubernetes, and etc. Internal direct attached storage and external storage are both options to run your applications. This talk outlines how 2 Layer Scheduling and Software Defined Storage enables deployment of managed frameworks and tasks, while maintaining high availability, scale-out growth, and automation.

Carlos Meza
Audience: Beginner
Topic: Developer

Continuous integration and deployment aims to improve software development. This session is an introduction to CI / CD.

We will examine a pipeline to build and ship a product. Our use case will be creating a website with a static site generator. The setup will include software version control, and automatically running tests, integrating changes, receiving notifications, and ultimately deploying content. We will be leveraging open source software and hosted infrastructure that is available to use free of charge:

Some familiarity with scripting and HTML is suggested.

Jim Nasby
Audience: Everyone
Topic: PostgreSQL

Common Table Expressions (CTEs) can be very powerful, but are generally misunderstood and frequently abused. This talk will explain how CTEs actually work, the best way to use them, and how to understand those confusing recursive CTEs.