Speaker: Tom Callaway

Learn how to make your open source project more successful.

In my experience with Fedora and Red Hat, I have seen several mistakes that open source projects make which prevent them from reaching their full potential. I once wrote a blog post titled "How to tell if a FLOSS project is doomed to FAIL", which ended up being a chapter in "The Open Source Way". In this presentation I'll show you how to minimize FAIL in your project.

Speaker: der. hans

Use SSH to create secure tunnels across untrusted networks and hosts. Learn tunneling basics, tunneling GUI applications, tunneling into a machine behind a firewall, SOCKS proxy and other scenerios. The talk is an expansion of my LinuxJournal article.

Need to connect to an intranet? Need to connect back to your home network? Need a VPN, but want more control over what gets forwarded? Use SSH tunnels to create specific, secure connections. This presentation will include an SSH tunneling primer and more complex examples, including forwarding web traffic, forwarding mail, and, of course, forwarding SSH connections.

Speaker: Amber Graner Speaker: Robyn Bergeron

Marketing and Advocating the Linux Distribution of your choice

As a "non-developer open source community member volunteer" and advocate, how can you market and share the distribution of your choice? Robyn and Amber will give tips, techniques, and talking points to get you started marketing your distribution without driving you over the proverbial cliff of frustration and failure.


UbuCon will return to SCALE 9X and will be held Friday, February 25, prior to the main Expo in the Los Angeles A room.

Part unconference, part scheduled sessions, the SCALE 9X UbuCon will cover what is going on within the Ubuntu community and how to improve the community.

Attendees are encouraged to volunteer to discuss any aspect of the community they are interested in.

If you use Ubuntu, are interested in Ubuntu, or want to know more about Ubuntu then check back to pick which sessions you want to be part of, and participate in the SCALE 9x UbuCon!

A full schedule is available on the UbuCon special event page.


Speaker: Nathan Haines

UbuCon Questions and Answers

Returning again as Master of Ceremonies, Nathan Haines will keep things running smoothly and host an open questions and answers session where you can ask your burning questions about Ubuntu, or simply do your best to stump him.

Speaker: Ralf Pieper

Ubuntu for the Desktop

Installation, usage, updates, applications. Compare to other OSs.

General, Technology
Speaker: Ted Gould

How Unity works and will help the free desktop reach real users

Bringing the free desktop to the next group of users will require better design, usability and quality. Unity is an effort to bring that to the desktop shell, and to move Open Source towards a renaissance that will help all users realize the benefits of a free desktop. This talk introduces Unity and its design concepts, and shows how it will realize the dream of a consumer-friendly free desktop.


The UpSCALE talks are held in the style of the Ignite presentations made popular by various O'Reilly sponsored events. Participants are given five minutes to speak on a subject accompanied by 20 automatically-advanced slides, making this a fast paced, fun event for participants and audience.

The UpSCALE talks will take place on Friday the 25th at 8pm in the La Jolla room.  Please join us as members of the Free and Open Source community do their best to beat the clock and get their ideas out!


Speaker: Nathan Haines Speaker: Josh Berkus Speaker: Rikki Kite Speaker: Tom King Speaker: James Mason Speaker: Bryen Yunashko Speaker: Amber Graner

SCALE's take on IgniteNight

Join us for the second annual UoSCALE event, SCALE's own version of "Ignite" talks. Ignite is a style of presentation where participants are given five minutes to speak on a subject accompanied by 20 slides. Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds, and slides are automatically advanced. The first Ignite talks were held in 2006 in Seattle, Washington, and were sponsored by O'Reilly Media and MAKE magazine. We have dubbed our version of these talks UpSCALE talks. The UpSCALE talks will be taking place on Friday the 25th at 8pm.