Post-SCALE Meeting

The SCALE Chairs met Sunday, March 13th to assess the recent SCALE 9x event.    There were 13 Chairs and principle volunteers present.  Some highlights from the meeting:

Attendance was up about 20% year over year.  (S9X was cash positive and can proceed with planning 10X)

Reactions to the show were mostly positive, with some notable exceptions around the venue.

Chirpstory tracks SCALE 9X on Twitter

Chirpstory tracks all the tweets about SCALE 9x at

#scale9x Celebrates Linux in SoCal

Bringing a Tall Vehicle to SCALE?

FYI, vehicles taller than 5 foot 11 inches can't use the Hilton Parking Garage.  Taller vehicles can be parked next door (just east of the hotel) at The Parking Spot for $15.35/day.

Interview with Todd Miller - SUDO Maintainer

Todd Miller will be presenting at SCALE later this week on the latest developments in the upcoming SUDO 1.8 release.  We took a moment to connect with him  to learn about his work at Quest Software on the upcoming release, and his presentation "Extending Unix Command Control with Sudo 1.8".

Interview: Sergey Sundukovskiy at ConferenceByWire

ConferenceByWire will be live streaming many of the SCALE conference sessions later this week for those who are unable to travel to Los Angeles.  We took a few minutes to meet with their CEO Sergey Sundukovskiy, so that he could tell us about their services as well as what SCALE attendees can expect from ConferenceByWire.


SCALE: Could you give us a quick introduction?

IT Recruiting at SCALE

If you had any doubt as to whether the IT industry takes the Southern California Linux Expo seriously, this should put those doubts to rest.  Here's a list of the companies that will be at SCALE, looking for talent to hire:




Conference Hotel Group Rate Status

The Hilton LAX has been offering SCALE attendees a discounted room rate of $109/night as part of this year's show.  At the moment this rate is no longer being offered online for some reason, however it is still available by telephone.  If you have trouble booking with the discounted rate online, please call the Hilton LAX directly at 310-410-4000.

Balancing SCALE

The core SCALE team met at the Hilton today for a pre-SCALE meeting. While the tech team has been there several times, this was the first time the whole team has done so.  Locations of various events have been pretty much finalized; A/V locations and required inventories nailed down; and lots of other details firmed up.

Everyone attending SCALE will get both a SCALE 9X t-shirt (courtesy SCALE), and a SCALE coffee cup (courtesy Oracle). 

The Dirt on IPv6 At SCALE!

SCALE will be delivering both IPv4 and IPv6 network address space to all vendors, orgs, and attendees. This will be the second year that both ACT USA and Digilink Network Services have provided IPv6 to the show. Stu Sheldon, SCALE's Tech Advisor explained how it will work at the Expo.

Smile! You're on SCALE-TV!

For the last few years SCALE has used audio-visual recordings to disseminate what goes on at SCALE.  And every year that use has expanded.   The success we've had has come from the efforts of Tom King, who now leads up SCALE's A/V Committee.  SCALE interviewed Tom to find out what makes him tick.  Here's that interview:

Q: How did you get involved with Open Source Software and Linux?

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