Linux is for Smart People, and You're Not as Dumb as You Think


Being a new Linux user can be daunting. Heck being an experienced Linux user can be. Learn how to fit in.

Shawn will discuss some of the nuances of the Linux community. He will touch on things like "how to ask for help", and "how to go from geek to guru."

Along with some standard "how to fit in", Shawn will attempt to discuss some common traps new users run into, and how to deal with them or avoid them altogether.

Speaker: Shawn Powers

Looking beautiful in print


How to make attractive brochures and booklets using open source tools.

Creating brochures to promote your business, user group, and events can be an agonizing adventure in self-doubt. With a few simple graphic design rules, and a few open source tools you can easily make a variety of promotional materials and handouts.

In this session you'll learn how to find and use:
* Creative Commons licensed images.
* OpenOffice.org templates for tri-fold and bi-fold brochures.
* Open source fonts (yes, they exist!).
* Advanced open source applications for sophisticated layouts and custom paper sizes.

Whether you're a graphic designer exploring open source, or an open source expert looking for a little help in making appealing print materials, this session is going to have the information you need to create engaging print materials the open source way.

Speaker: Emma Jane Hogbin

Disaster Recovery: Will you survive?


Learn how to mitigate the risk of disaster through a variety of methods.

This class covers Disaster Recovery (DR) as a discipline and the low level mechanics of evaluating risks and developing mitigation or reactive disaster plans. All system administrators, regardless of the size or scope of their operation, will benefit from a more in depth understanding of DR taught in this class.

The goal is to provide skills and knowledge that allows immediate changes to the disaster readiness of your own operations back at the office.

Speaker: David Parter

LTSP Local Apps - Unchain the Desktop


Delivering Desktops and Applications with Linux and Thin Clients

Experience first hand how utilizing the processing power of your thin clients will take your LTSP implementation to new heights. Many LTSP installations are wrestling with the challenge of offering users the interactive desktop they expect, while at the same time balancing the demands on their server infrastructure. Implementing Local Apps is a key element for extending the user capacity of your servers, and most importantly deliveing your users the desktop experience that will Unchain the Desktop!

Speaker: Erick Tyack

Women's Invisible Contribution to Free and Open Source Software


We will question the 1% female representation to FOSS development projects by proposing a critical analysis and overview of women's contributions to FOSS, which turns them from absent to invisible for the community.

Whenever there is a debate about women's representation in FOSS, the answer is 1%. This discouraging statistics has not been much questioned, but only repeated. However, smaller research announces 15% of female participation, while Angela "webchick" Byron, announced 7-10% of women in Drupal (2009). We will present the results of a MA research, based on a qualitative analysis women contributions to FOSS. We will classify women's contributions, by proposing a typology of contributors: technicians, mediators and diffusers. Then, we will propose some reasons for women's “invisibility” based either on the effectuation of “invisible” tasks inside FOSS or on contributing FOSS knowledge to other communities such as libraries, community centres, public administration, education. In conclusion, we will identify risks from the option women's work in FOSS remains invisible and provide recommendations on how to value the work not only of women but also of non-programmers and non-experts in the field.

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