Josh Berkus
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: SysAdmin

Patroni is your patron saint of of HA Postgres, permitting you to set-and-forget your replication clusters.  Based on Governor from, Patroni integrates with Docker or public clouds to help you create an always-on, automated failover PostgreSQL single-master replication cluster.  Never be woken up at 3am for a failover again!

Stephen Walli
Audience: Developer
Topic: Mentoring

There are a set of patterns that successful open source software projects follow. These activities can be organized around software construction, community development, and IP management activities. This talk explores their connections to build on ramps for community success.

Scott Suehle
Audience: Beginner
Topic: General

A brief history of networking and a look at the present and future. What it is and what it holds for the open-source community.

Stephen Frost
Audience: Beginner
Topic: PostgreSQL

We'll cover the basics of PostgreSQL administration, defining 'cluster', 'database', 'schema' and 'tablespace' in PostgreSQL, when to use which, how to authenticate to PostgreSQL as a unix user or over a network, what authentication systems PostgreSQL can integrate with, setting up new users and groups (aka roles) in PostgreSQL, how to control access to PostgreSQL objects (including setting up default permissions for certain types of objects), addressing storage needs as your database grows by using tablespaces and a crash-course of how to tune PostgreSQL for your brand new database.

Quinn Weaver
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: PostgreSQL

Slides PostgreSQL's built-in autovacuum daemon recycles dead rows and old transaction IDs. Often this Just Works, but for high-write-traffic apps, it can fall behind and/or degrade performance. We'll cover how autovacuum works, how to know when it's not working, how to tune it for optimal performance, and how to undo technical debt caused by falling behind.

Michael Meskes
Audience: Everyone
Topic: PostgreSQL

There are quite a few specialities in the way Debian packages PostgreSQL. This presentation is going to explain why it was done how. This includes the standard packages, but also the 9000+ package archive at Finally special needs and solutions are shown for Debian Long Term Support.

Mark Wong
Audience: Everyone
Topic: PostgreSQL

We will present the latest test results comparing where we are with
9.6devel to the 9.5 branch. Additionally, there will also be data
to illustrate the gaps that Postgres may attempt to close between other open source column store database solution using DBT-3 (a synthetic ad-hoc decision support workload).

Bruce Momjian
Audience: Everyone

Home automation is an elusive technology — often desired, rarely achieved. This talk explores a successful ten-year home automation deployment, outlining the challenges that derail many attempts. It will cover technology choices, programing basics, and a dozen successful applications.

John Wilson
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Security

SMTP lacks authentication. This basic oversight has proven a boon for cybercriminals, who leverage email's insecurity to steal billions of dollars every year. In this session you'll learn about DMARC, a standard for email authentication that can prevent unauthorized email spoofing.

After a technical overview of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC we will discuss the open source tools available to help you implement these standards. We'll explore some implementation issues, propose some work-arounds, and end with some adoption statistics. 

Paul Coleman, Christefano Reyes
Topic: GLADCamp

Ask your Drupal questions of panel of experts.