SCALE UPDATE: IPv6 at SCALE 8x, T-shirt and swag sightings

Mon, 02/15/2010

LOS ANGELES -- The Southern California Linux Expo SCALE 8x has always had the tradition of trying something new every year. This year is no different.

SCALE 8x joins international Linux events like FOSDEM in Europe and in Australia in providing Ipv6 capability to exhibitors at this year’s event. As part of its service to exhibitors, SCALE will provide both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to each of the exhibitors’ booths.

For more information, visit /scale8x/blog/ipv6-scale-8x

Random sightings have been reported of the SCALE 8x T-shirts, and while we can neither confirm nor deny these accounts, photographers were able to capture one of the T-shirt on camera. The photo can be found here: /scale8x/blog/scale-8x-t-shirts-spotted-wild

These stylish T-shirts will be given to those attendees with a full conference pass. In addition, attendees staying at the Westin Los Angeles Airport will receive a special piece of SCALE memorabilia in their room. These items are limited edition, so be sure to reserve a room to get yours!

Don’t miss the SCALE raffle and reception in the Concourse Ballroom in the Westin at 9 p.m. On Saturday. Great giveaways include books, netbooks, desktop workstations, and even caffeinated beef jerky. Googletinis, beer, snacks, and other refreshments will be served. Sponsors for the reception are: Google (hence the Googletinis) iXsystems, Net2EZ, Oracle, Microlite, and SoftLayer.

To reserve a room at the Westin, call 310-216-5858.

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