Saturday Evening Update

Two of SCALE8X's three days are complete.  Attendance has been excellent; somewhat more than last year, although we'll have to wait until Registration has closed Sunday to do the final year over year comparison.

And the weather cooperated - while we had showers overnight Friday into Saturday, Saturday dawned clear with scattered clouds.

Traffic on the Expo floor has been so heavy that several of the vendors had run out of their giveaway items by Saturday midafternoon.

Karsten Wade's keynote speech Saturday morning had an overflow crowd; between the Westin theater and the overflow into the Kennedy room (with A/V feed), we counted about 275 people listening to Karsten talk about being a catalyst in communities.  The keynote was streamed out to ustream, and Sunday's keynote will be as well.

Most of the sessions were very well-attended, and in fact some of the more popular sessions were SRO.

Has it been flawless?  No.  We have a probably-intractable problem of not enough bandwidth out to the Internet.  (Although truth be known, no realistic amount of bandwidth would be sufficient for such a geekfest).  Four bonded DSL lines just don't cut it.  There will be discussions on how to improve that next year.

Sunday promises to be another excellent chunk of geekorama at SCALE8X.    Taurus Balog's keynote will kick off six quality tracks of discussions.  If you're local and have been waffling about coming down, please do - you'll enjoy the Expo!

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