Amazon EC2 Try It Lab: Preparation Required

Eric Hammond will be leading a Try It Lab at SCALE again this year. This hands-on Amazon EC2 beginner's workshop will walk through the first steps in starting, using, and terminating a server running Ubuntu on Amazon EC2.

If you think you might want to join us in this lab, please take a few minutes today, before the Expo, to walk through the following steps to sign up for Amazon EC2 so you're ready to participate in the lab:

  1. Visit the Amazon EC2 web site and click the [Sign Up for Amazon EC2] button.

  2. If you already have an account (e.g., shopping) start by signing in with your existing email address and password. If you do not have an account yet, check "I am a new user" and complete the initial account registration process.

  3. Follow the entire signup process until you get the message "Thank you for signing up for Amazon EC2". Be sure to enter a valid phone number and credit card. (You do not need to create a new X.509 Certificate even if it instructs you to.)

  4. Make a note of the email address and password you used to sign up for Amazon EC2 and bring these to the Amazon EC2 Try It Lab at SCALE.

There is no commitment in creating an Amazon account and signing up for EC2. Your credit card will not be charged anything until and unless you actually start using Amazon EC2. In fact, the steps we walk through in the Try It Lab at SCALE will cost less than a quarter.

It can take a day for your EC2 application to get through Amazon's verification process, so please sign up well in advance of SCALE. When you arrive at SCALE, check the Try It Lab schedule and get to the EC2 lab on time or early. Last year, seats in this workshop filled up quickly.

If you are already familiar with EC2 (web console) and would like to show off your expertise by helping others get started, we are recruiting lab assistants to help the workshop participants. No advance preparation is necessary, but it would be helpful if you could drop Eric Hammond a note indicating your availability.

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