Bryan Che
Introduction to Realtime Linux
Red Hat
Product Manager

Bryan Che is the Product Manager at Red Hat for Red Hat Enterprise MRG, Red Hat's Messaging, Realtime, and Grid offering. In this capacity, Bryan manages the product strategy and direction for Red Hat's high-performance distributed computing technologies.

Bryan first started using Linux in 1995 and has also been a long-time open source contributor with commit access in many open source communities. Bryan graduated with his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Realtime Linux provides the ability to run applications and workloads with extremely deterministic performance. Currently developed as a patch to the standard Linux kernel in the upstream community (, Realtime Linux offers tremendous benefits for applications ranging from multimedia recording/playback to military command-and-control systems to high-end enterprise workloads like financial trading systems.

However, Realtime Linux is a specialized technology that makes tradeoffs which may render it unsuitable for a variety of other applications. This talk will present an overview of Realtime Linux. It will present a history of Realtime Linux development, the current state of Realtime Linux, a roadmap for future Realtime kernel and tools development, and current Realtime Linux performance data. It will discuss what workloads benefit from Realtime Linux and where Realtime Linux is not applicable.

Additionally, this talk will present information about how to ensure that applications and systems can properly take advantage of realtime; Realtime Linux requires significant tuning before its advantages become apparent.