Call for dotORG Exhibitors

Wide spread acceptance and encouragement for the user community has established SCALE as a premiere conference in the Southern California region. Continuing our efforts to promote open source software, we invite you to share your work on Free and Open Source projects with the rest of the community as well as exchange ideas with some leading experts in these fields.

The proposals should be submitted in the form of a 1-page extended abstract comprising:

  1. Name of group or open source project.
  2. A group logo and contact information including name and email address. (logo needed for publishing on the website)
  3. A brief description of the group or project.  The purpose and any furture goals.
  4. What will be shown? A list or a brief description of the main points to be presented should be submitted.
  5. Describe how your participation will benefit both the Southern California Linux Expo and the attendees.

Submission formats in txt and pdf will be accepted. Exhibitors will be given a booth* in the SCALE exhibit hall which will include one 6 foot table, two chairs, one network drop and one 500 watt electrical outlet.

As we are attempting to increase open source awareness it is highly desirable that demonstrations be shown using free and open source software. All proposals are to be sent to

Details about previous editions of SCALE can be found at

* Booth size to be determined.