Birds of a Feather

BOFs are ad hoc meetings for people with common interests.

If your group is interested in meeting at SCALE, reserve a room by contacting Gareth J. Greenaway ( with a description for your session as well as a first and second choice time slot.


Time Kennedy La Guardia Logan

Midway *

6-7 pm Unavailable VOIP - Ekiga netmeeting & videoconferencing, Asterisk League of Professional System Adminstrators Unavailable
7-8 pm Hacking A PS3, Linux style Linux Computers for Kids in Mexico


Fedora BoF
8-9 pm Open Source TCO Open Source in Charities OpenSolaris Best Value Hardware: AMD Phenom II, GPGPU, & 64 bit SW
9-10 pm PC BSD Available Available Available


Time Kennedy La Guardia Lindbergh A Midway * Logan *
7-8 pm Organizing a SoCal Perl Workshop Amazon EC2 Networking for Free Software Activists PostgreSQL Key Signing Party
8-9 pm Open Source World VPSCoop Open Source Audio MySQL Hacking CAcert Web-of-Trust Assurance Event
9-10 pm LinHES:Linux Home Entertainment! Building a Custom Linux Distribution OpenStreetMap! OpenJDK and other Open Source Java technologies Maintaining the Freedom and Flexibility of Open Source on the Cloud

* No Audio / Visual Equipment Available