Kuldip Oberoi
Metrics for Success: Performance Analysis 101
Sun Developer Tools
Engineering Manager

Kuldip Oberoi is a Group Manager in the Sun Developer Tools organization, where he is responsible for community development activities for Sun Studio and GNU toolchains on Solaris, OpenSolaris, and Linux platforms. Previous to this role, he ran the developer tools marketing organization where he was responsible for NetBeans, Sun Studio, Sun HPC ClusterTools, and Linux product marketing, business development, web marketing, and more. Since joining Sun in 2002, Kuldip has held various positions in the developer organization, including Product Management of Sun Studio and segment marketing for Sun Developer Network.

Prior to joining Sun, Kuldip held senior engineering management positions in software consulting organizations primarily focused on web application development on projects at GE, Kasier Permanente, Casio, and HP. With a BS degree in Computer Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Kuldip started his professional career at Apple Inc, where he developed Mac OS device drivers and system software.


* Methodology to improving application performance compiler features optimized libraries performance analysis tools

* What to look for in your compilers - platform, architecture, data prefetch, crossfile optimization, etc.

* Examples of using optimized libraries - math libs, etc.

* How performance analysis tools can help - timing metrics, hw counter metrics, etc.