Jason Nucciarone

HPC Engineer

Jason is a young professional in the HPC industry passionate about developing the next generation of lean, mean, open source supercomputing machines. By day, he works at Canonical as their resident HPC engineer making Ubuntu better for supercomputing, and by night he leads the Ubuntu HPC community team as one of its “Not so Ancient Elders.” He is focused on addressing current and future challenges facing the HPC industry such as the convergence of cloud and HPC systems, the impending end of Moore’s Law, and supporting research software engineer workflows. In his free time, he likes to work on several of his open source projects, organise open source community conferences such as the Ubuntu Summit, and travel to new places to teach others about how great HPC and supercomputing is. Recently he’s started learning the Crystal programming language out of personal interest for its potential applications inside HPC environments. Why Crystal specifically? Well… he loves OOP programming!