Adrianna Frick

Credentialling & Curriculum Lead

Adrianna Frick leads Canonical's efforts to create exams and credentials that validate technical skills. Canonical is excited to share our plans for future exams with the community and provide a preview of an upcoming "Quick Certification" exam release, the first of three exams leading to the Canonical Ubuntu Essentials credential.

Adrianna began her journey in open source in the late 1990s at Walnut Creek CDROM working with teams from Slackware Linux and FreeBSD among others. As someone who has experienced the employment volatility of tech bubbles, and as someone who left and returned to the industry after career changes, educational gaps, and family caregiving, she is dedicated to making new career pathways and opportunities for professional accomplishment that allow anyone from any background to prove their abilities, whether gained in a traditional educational environment, professional experience, or through home lab experiments and self-study.