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As the home for all developers, GitHub is the complete developer platform to build, scale, and deliver secure software. Over 94 million people, including developers from Fortune 100 companies, use GitHub to build and collaborate on everything from open source projects to the next big tech startup. With 330 million repositories and counting, GitHub is the place to shape the future of software, together.

GNOME is a free and open-source software environment project supported by a non-profit foundation. Together, the community of contributors and the Foundation create a computing platform and software ecosystem, composed entirely of free software, that is designed to be elegant, efficient, and easy to use.

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Grafana Labs provides an open observability stack built around Grafana, the leading open source technology for dashboards. Grafana Labs helps companies manage observability strategies with the fully managed Grafana Cloud offering or self-managed Grafana Enterprise Stack, both featuring extensive enterprise data source plugins, dashboard management, metrics, logs, traces, and more.

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With Hasura, developers can autogenerate REST and GraphQL APIs on any data, and then compose individual domains into a unified semantic supergraph. Teams use Hasura to remove data access and integration bottlenecks caused by microservices/data sprawl, and get products to market much faster! Built on an open source core, Hasura has over 600M downloads and is used by tens of thousands of developers to speed up the creation of a data access layer for modern applications.

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Honeycomb is the observability tool that helps modern development teams understand the systems they build and operate in production. Develop better instrumentation as you write code to reduce toil and delight your users. With Honeycomb, guess less and know more.

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Instaclustr helps organizations deliver applications at scale through its managed platform for open source technologies such as Apache Cassandra®, Apache Kafka®, PostgreSQL®, Redis™, OpenSearch®, and Cadence®. We combine a complete data infrastructure environment with hands-on technology expertise to ensure ongoing performance and optimization. By removing the infrastructure complexity, we enable companies to focus internal development and operational resources on building cutting edge customer-facing applications at lower cost.

The leading open source automation server, Jenkins provides hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying and automating any project.


KDE, the KDE Software Compilation, is a contemporary desktop environment for UNIX, Linux and BSD workstations. KDE seeks to fulfill the need for an easy to use desktop for, similar to those found on Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating system.

Kwaai is a non-profit, volunteer based, open source development organization focused on democratizing access to artificial intelligenceby designing, building and maintaining a free Personal AI.

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lakeFS is an open-source technology, highly compatible with the emerging standard for data lake architecture in all its components and effortlessly integrates with any existing data lake, suitable for enterprise-level data operations. Whether you’re a data engineer, ML/AI practitioner or analyst, manage your data as code with lakeFS. From raw data pre-processing, through deduplicated and parallel experimentation, to full reproducibility feature engineering and model training, increase data quality and data delivery velocity, while reducing storage costs!