The envelope, please . . .


SCALE 11X attendees voted on their favorite Saturday exhibitors in six different categories, and exhibitors went all out to impress.

The envelope, please . . .

The winners of the SCALE 11X Exhibitor Contest are:

Favorite Clothing Item: Puppet Labs
Most Interesting Swag: HP
Strangest Swag: Zenoss
Most Useful Swag: Silicon Mechanics
Most Passionate .Org: BeagleBoard/PandaBoard
Most Memorable Booth: LinuxChix

Honorable mentions go to: Fedora, RackSpace, O'Reilly Media, Linux Astronomy, OpenStack, M-Go, EFF, So Cal Python.

LinuxChix had the most votes overall, by a good margin. Silicon Mechanics had the most votes in a single category. The SCALE 11X T-shirts scored high in Favorite Clothing Item category.