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Conference Reception and Raffle

We are excited to announce that the annual SCALE Conference Reception and Raffle are back for anothe year! Join us for refreshments hosted by  Google, Softlayer, Microlite, iXSystems, Oracle and Net2EZ.

While you enjoy a drink and mingle with other SCALE attendees, you will have a chance to win great raffle prizes.  

After Hours Events at SCALE

Looking for something to do after the conference winds down?  We have a number of after hours events planned at SCALE this year to keep you entertained and informed.  


A true 'Free Software' Ecosystem with SCALE 8x UpSCALE Speaker Michael Fair

Local free & open source software enthusiast Michael Fair chatted with us about his upcoming SCALE 8x UpSCALE talk.  We discussed Michael's belief that FOSS is the true path to a sustainable economy.

SCALE: What are the four freedoms of your viable economic model? And why are they essential for the model to work?

Michael Fair:

They are the traditional four freedoms of software:

1) The right to use

2) The right to distribute

3) The right to study and modify

OOo4Kids with SCALE 8x UpSCALE Speaker Alexandro Colorado

We had a chance to sit down and chat with one of the UpSCALE speakers for SCALE 8x, Alexandro Colorado. Alexandro is a member of the OOo4Kids project.

SCALE: Can you give us some background information about OOo4Kids? What the goals are?

SCALE 8x T-shirts Spotted in the Wild

We've gotten some reports of random sightings of SCALE 8x tshirts being spotted in the wild. 

While we can neither confirm nor deny these accounts, our crack team of photographers were able to capture one of these alleged shirts being printed. 

More information as we have it.


The Southern California Linux Expo has a tradition of trying something new every year. Usually it works well, occasionally not.

As part of its services to its exhibitors, SCALE provides IP address space as a VLAN to each booth. That's not new. What IS new for SCALE 8X is the fact that SCALE will be providing both IPV4 and IPV6 addresses to each booth.

The difference is instructive:


Free Network Monitoring Training at Zenoss Community Day

By Guest Blogger:  Mark Hinkle, Zenoss

Zenoss Core is open source monitoring software that can monitor all types of IT infrastructure.This is our fourth year demo'ing Zenoss Core at SCALE, one of our favorite open source events. After all these years we have met lots of cool people and see a lot of familiar faces.

ClearHealth Training at SCaLE 8x

While DOHCS will not be at SCALE this year, we are excited to report that there will still be medical open-source content available.  Clear Health has recently announced that they will be at the Westin offering hands on training on Saturday February 20th.  A description of their community event is listed bellow. Registration for their event is available online.

-The SCALE Team

A Gift to Hotel Guests

As a thank you to those who are staying at the Westin LAX during SCALE, we've come up with some special, just-for-you, SCALE schwag!

You'll receive it during the Linux Expo.

We could tell you what it is, but then - well, you know...

How to Destroy Your Community with SCALE 8x UpSCALE speaker Josh Berkus

SCALE had the pleasure of chatting with long time Postgres contributor and current CEO of PostgreSQL Experts Inc., Josh Berkus.  We discussed Josh's upcoming UpSCALE talk, How to Destroy Your Community.  Josh offered some insight into why he believes companies often end up killing off their communities as well as ways to avoid tihs.

Q: What do you think motivates a company to want to destroy a community? Is it about money, control or a bit of both?

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