ClearHealth Training at SCaLE 8x

While DOHCS will not be at SCALE this year, we are excited to report that there will still be medical open-source content available.  Clear Health has recently announced that they will be at the Westin offering hands on training on Saturday February 20th.  A description of their community event is listed bellow. Registration for their event is available online.

-The SCALE Team

ClearHealth Training Event at SCALE 8x ClearHealth Inc. will be at SCALE this year and we hope you can join us. We will be holding an intensive training event for our 3.0 Community Edition open source medical software on Saturday, Feb. 20th in the Logan conference room. The training will be split in two parts, beginning at 9:30 AM and concluding at 4:30. The first half will be a demonstration of features in 3.0 and the second half will cover technical details such as installation, server setup, and database overview.

Attendees will also receive an early-access edition of the 3.1 source code. Advance tickets are available for purchase now, and SCALE registrants are eligible to purchase tickets the day of the event for $99. More information on the event, including ticket information, is available here.

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