Free Network Monitoring Training at Zenoss Community Day

By Guest Blogger:  Mark Hinkle, Zenoss

Zenoss Core is open source monitoring software that can monitor all types of IT infrastructure.This is our fourth year demo'ing Zenoss Core at SCALE, one of our favorite open source events. After all these years we have met lots of cool people and see a lot of familiar faces.

This year is also the second year we will be conducting a Zenoss Community Day at SCALE. Zenoss Community Day is mainly instructor-led training Zenoss Core but it's also a networking event to meet other network and systems administrators and find out how they manage their IT.

Last year's SCALE 7x was the first time we offered live training to our community and the turnout was amazing. We ended up with standing room only for the the event. This year we are moving to a bigger room, Concourse C at the Westin.  The event was so popular we have been conducting Community Day's during other events like USENIX LISA and the Ohio Linuxfest. We even started recording the sessions and people all over the world have watched them. However nothing compares to be there in person to ask questions and meet other users. But for those people that can't make the event they can watch them online.

This is a free event and everyone who wants to learn about Zenoss is welcome. We'll also provide lunch and snacks and will have some other Zenoss schwag.

After the training is over we have a special guest, blogger and podcaster John M. Willis from OpsCode who will be doing a demo of Chef, the open source configuration management tool. Even if you don't attend the training portion of Zenoss Community Day everyone is welcome to sit and listen to his talk which will start around 4:30 Concource B.

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